The WINO needs your support. The inevitible finally happened. We were told to stop broadcasting by the FCC. At the same time, they informed me that I would have a much better case in asking for licensing or a change in the regulations if I could show them I had the support of the community. This means YOU !! The more letters, postcards, and e-mail supporting us, the better. Even if you don't live in Napa, you can voice your opinion in support of low-power microbroadcasting.

Please send a letter or postcard to show your support for what we were doing, and Please include your name, address and phone #. This gives it credibility, believe me this will in no way connect you to us, or incriminate you in ANY WAY. But letters without any info are not really very helpful. It is just to prove that these are real people who live here in Napa, and listened to us.

E-mail is OK as well, just include the same info.

So one last time, SEND US YOUR SUPPORT!, and if you send a self addressed stamped envelope I'll send you some stickers !!

1325 Imola Ave. Suite 528
Napa, CA 94559
or email

Thank you Napa, it's been grand, and it is far from over.

The WINO Staff

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